Stud males at Ylajärvis 

Ylajärvis HS Black

e. Run before beauty Homer

u. SEUCH NOtrekkCh Sally

Ylajärvis HS Värre


SE(polar)Ch NTCH Ylajärvis BG Leonhard "Leo"
Excellent movements. Extreamly strong and eager to please. A bit shy in his apperance so only for tougher females from solid background. Exellent build but max size. My nr1 on rough tracks and defintely when there´s no tracks at all...

Eyes, Hips, Elbow checked clear.
Norwegian and Swedish working champion

SEUCH NTCH Ylajärvis HT Mitch
Has inherit his fathers great leadership, his mothers speed and grace. Excellent build overall and has led the team at all races the last years. Sprint, middistance and longdistance. Very friendly and easygoing dog.
Eyes and goniskopi clear. Hips A/C wil be xrayed again. Swedish show champion. Norwegian working champion.

 SE(polar)Ch SEUCh Ylajärvis DT Helmer

Led the team at all competitions and victories as a yerling. Very small but excellent movements and body comformation. Lovely temper and loved pack member. Excellent leaddog and my nr1 on tours without tracks. Led the team at Polardistans 2014. From start - finish. Eyes checked clear. Fulfilled "Vita Bandet" 1300km expedition as a lead dog 2015
eyes and goniskopi clear. Hips clear
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Siberian sleddogs Eagle "kotten"
Big and strong. Loves to be cuddled and is a special charachter... Extreamly "morningtired" and his the best dog to calm down and rest at checkpoint. Can sleep anywhere. Long legged, fast and nice movements. Truly an longdsitance trotter! A bit bossy towards teammembers so mostly runs alone in team. Often in point.
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