Good to know:

All litters born after 2005 have a prefix (capital letters between kennelname and dogs name) that shows the parents in the name.
For example "
DT" means father; Duro and mother Tolga 
Easy to follow the bloodline and littermates


SE(polar)Ch SEUCH Nattfrostens TD Kraka



e. Koyanokks Vladislav Treitak
u. Ylajärvis AA Elisabeth Swann
Eyes checked clear
Big and strong Wheeldog.
She thinks she´s the queen... Very strong and excellent build. Became very spoiled as a pup and won 4 puppydogshows in a row so offcourse this girl thinks she´s something extra!! And she is!

Not the best leaddog but an excellent worker and Finished Polardistance 300 as one of the best. Has completed Polardistance maybe 5times, mostly in 2dog pulka.
Very strong and trustworthy. She is a stayer and is a very important team member with her power and stamina. very good appetite and. Loud and bossy in team. A natural leader in the pack at home.


SEUCH NOUCH SE(polar)Ch NTCH NOtrekkCH Svartedalens Tanana "Tarzan"

e. SEUCh SE(polar)Ch NO VV-15 Ylajärvis Vargtass
u. SEUCh  Blitze

eyes checked clear
goniskopi checked clear
Main Leader
won Norwegian and swedish speciality show 2017
What an amazing girl... My golden girl!
Her first race season she led the team to victory at 4/6 races. One victory-race in point and one 4th place in stage race. Was in lead all three days at VC Scharnitz 2015 wich we won.
Happy charachter! She is her father reincarnated.. They are so alike!! Almost scaringly alike...

SE(polar)Ch NTCH Ylajärvis LS Lively Spirit "Gul"

born. 2014-06-04
main leader
e. SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis Leonhard "Leo"
u. SEUCh Sally

eyes checked clear
Leader with amazing movements and a will to run fast! The best female I´ve ever had in harness. She truly is a once-in-a-lifetime dog. For me she is the perfect Siberian with her great comformation, strenght, paws and fur. So I guess I soon have to atleast try her in the showring...
Led the team to victory at all races in her first year of race 2016! Sprint, mid and long distance her first race season... also main leader at races 2017, 2018 and 2019. My number 1 in lead.

Ylajärvis MS Meraf

e. Ylajärvis HT Mitch
u. SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis LS Lovely Sapphire
puppy. A special girl... She is very alike her mother but a bit bossy so will need some behaviour training from her mother and grandfather ;-)

Gråbeintunets Belle

yearling. Small and very fast. Came to the kennel in 2018 togheter with Black after their owners divorced.
She shows great potential so will be interresteing to se what she can contribute with!
Has grown in to a leader! Loves speed... Led the team all three days at IFSS WC earning a silver medal. Her second time ever as a leddog!

Ylajärvis AT Amberley

dob 2019-04- 
e. Måsek´s Axon
u. Svartedalen husky Tanana "Tarzan"

Extreamly good appetite!
Ylajärvis SBG Bibiru
e. Snörokk Bock u. SEUCh SE(polar)CH Ylajärvis SM Greenhart
Fast and very nicely build. Nice and calm. Easy to handle.
GOLD at IFSS WC in Bessans 6dog middistande class. Her very first race...
SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis LS Lovely Sapphire
Born 2014-06-04
e. SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis Leonhard "Leo"
u. SEUCh Sally

main leader
BIG and STRONG!!! My biggest dog in the kennel with her 24kg...
Sterilized 2018. (planned)
OMG... this girl... Amazing worker and a great leader. She is a copy of her father...
Problably the siberian most lookalike to the originals 100years ago. She is pure power... Can absolutely not walk in a leash and luckily she can walk loose.
Extreamly good appetite!

Ylajärvis HA Rhista

Nattfrostens HA Rhista 

e. Nattfrostens Harry
u. Ylajärvis SBG Andra 


Very energetic...!