SE(polar)Ch IGAIS tassar Amurtigern Taitaz "I-Tiger"

e. SE(polar)Ch Edwin
u.IGAIS tassar Zeiki Solvarg
Stud dog
Eyes checked clear
Goniscopi UA
Hips checked A / UA
Big and strong
Very well built and excellent movements.
Very appreciated team member. Friendly. Goes well with everyone! Never makes a mess.
EC bronze at Polardistance 2016. 300 km nordic style
Needs one more CAC to become show champion
Moved to Norway in 2017


SE(polar)Ch SEUCh Ylajärvis SM Greenhart "Grynet"

e. SEUCh NUCh IGAIS Tassar Canis Major Sirius
u.SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis Mettemarit
Eyes checked clear
Hips and elbows perfect
Lovely girl with flawless movements and great stamina and work attitude.
Finished alot of races! Grynet is a stayer. Never a bad day.
Strong and eager worker. Extreamly good eater and metabolism, always a bit fat... No matter how many km training!! Mother to Leo, Sandy, Lo and Minik


In loving memory


SE(polar)CH SEUCh NO VV-15 Ylajärvis Vargtass "Tasse" 2005-08-18

e. Skacke
u. SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis Titti-jr
Main Leader
He is an amazing dog and daughters from first litter has started their race and show careers amazingly!  
This dog has been my most valuable dog at competitions! Most merited dog I have. Has proven himself as an excellent worker  and team member in all distances and classes. Only siberian who has Sleddogtest in ALL possible classes
Excellent movements and endurance. Never gets tired! Lovely temper and a great pack member.
Led the team to victory at Polardistance 2016. 11years old...
BOS at Swedish Speciality Show 2013
second best male att Norwegian Speciality show 2014
Passed away at 13 years of age 2018. Will always be my nr1... <3

Ylajärvis HT Aily

e. SEUCh SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis Helmer
u. SE(polar)Ch Svartedalens Tanana "Tarzan"

Small and fast. Excelent movements and stamina. Always a happy face! Can run at any position and shows leader potential
Killed in an accident 2018. Higly missed :'(


SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis DT Roald

e. SEUCh SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis SM Endurance
u. SEUCh Nordviken Tolga

Small but very good built. Excellent movements. Very fast!
He is a stayer! Never have had an bad day... Has been in my A-team since first day in harness. Compeeted in a lot of competitions. 5 WC medals!

One of the best dogs at Polardistance 300 in 2013. His first long distance race!
Has run EVERY race I´ve entered since he was a yearling... 2*World campion. 1*european champion. 3*silver at world championship


SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis BG Sandy2011-09-21

e. Vargteam Birk
u. SE(polar)Ch SEUCh Ylajärvis SM Greenhart

Eyes checked clear
Main Leader
Fastest dog in the whole kennel!! Speedy... Small and slim build. Moves exceptionally well and efficient. very nice girl and never makes any mess.
Sold to Norway 2018

Ylajärvis IG Ivalo "Lo"

e. Siberian Sleddogs Ittoq
u. SE(polar)Ch SEUCH Ylajärvis SM Greenhart
Lovely girl. Strong and great movements. A bit on the shy side and prefers running in harness.
One of the best at Polardistans300. WC-silver!
Sold in Sweden 2018.