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Malin Sundin
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About me

Malin Sundin Grindal
37 years old :-) Mother to Zebulon born 26/8 -2016 and August born 10/12-2019 Married to Mattias.
I have compeeted with sleddogs for more than 20 years. Siberian Huskys, German shorthaired pointer, scandinavian hounds and Alaskan Huskys. At the moment I have only pure breed Siberian Huskies.
My proffession is author, writer and dairy farmer and I have together with my husband  ~45 cows +heifers. I live in Orsa "center of Sweden"... 300 km to three "capital" cities. Östersund, Stockholm and Oslo! Orsa is close to Mora (Vasaloppet. Wasalauf) so it´s really a good area for outdoorsports, skiing and dogsledding.
If you want to follow on a trip with the dogs. Contact me! We usually are at Koppången where we can start the sledge tour.
I litterally grew up in the dogyard and started my own kennel-bloodline in 2000. Starting from my fathers succsessful dogs. The whole family compeeted with the dogs in mostly pulka style but offcourse also with sled! We have always trained and compeeted with our dogs in all kinds of styles and distances. Multipurpose dogs. We prefer longer distances and all the foundationdogs of the kennel compeeted at Femundlöpet 500km 1994. Fantastic female Disa as leaddog. Today it´s the fifth generation thats runs in lead, leading my team to victory.
My dogs have finshed several Long distance races; Amundsen Race, Amundsen Race DUO, Femundlöpet, Polardistance and many more middistance races... Won the World Championships 2015 and 2017...
Bloodlines from historic dogs: Anadyr, Snowtrail, Zero, Iglo Pak, Vargevass
Bloodline in present dogs that will be used in breeding (other than already presented above): Alka-Shan (sepp-alta), Vargteam, HCÖ

This is me in typical summer outfit...

Malin & Kråkan Vaggeryd 2010

Me and my deeply beloved SE(polar)Ch SEUCh Ylajärvis Vargtass.
He was my most valuable dog for 12 years. Picture taken after Norway Trail 2015.